Vecinos Gemelos

Maybe Alex and Jesse have been spending a little too much time together lately….
When they left their apartments to catch the bus on Friday and ran into each other on the sidewalk, this is what they looked like…at least they don’t have matching shoes!


3 thoughts on “Vecinos Gemelos

  1. Its like one of those kids’ puzzles where you have two nearly identical drawings and you have to find the five things that are different. Well, here goes:1. Jesse has two straps on his bag; Alex has one strap.2. Alex is wearing a watch.3. Jesse’s shoes are brown; Alex’ shoes are grey/white.4. There is a dog behind Alex.5. Alex only has one ear.Did I get it right?(Kathy/mom)


  2. The picture of you two boys made us laugh! Marcy’s going to use it as a project at her daycare for the kids to come up with all the things that are different and will share the results with you. Ha-ha!


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