Marathon vs. Espana

This past weekend we went to the intercity rivalry between Marathon vs. Real Espana. The game was a great match and Marathon won 3-2. I took a bunch of short clips and made my first movie out of it. I caught a couple of goals. Hopefully people can follow along without too much trouble.


5 thoughts on “Marathon vs. Espana

  1. Nice movie. Maybe Tommy will link to it from his sports blog. Were you rooting for the yellows or the blues? Looking forward to the pink mohawk pictures on Monday. Love, mom


  2. Alex it was nice, I am so happy that you enjoyed the game. It makes me nostalgic remembering how brave you were when Fernando invite you to the world cup game Mexico vs Italy in DC (you were only 12), and you did not find a lot intimidating to take the train to DC by yourself. At that time you were such a experience traveler going to Mexico by yourself. It is a long way but still brave to continue exploring and learning of all your experiences traveling around. Proud of you


  3. This is a wonderful video. And now only do I get to see a great soccer game, but I get to hear Caitlin giving a commentary about Madison in the background. I don’t think she was paying attention to the game, do you?Thanks for letting us share so much of your time in Honduras!


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  5. That was a very nice video, Alex. Is it hard to make some comments while filming like a “real” commentator? It might help us, “non-Hondurans”, without any prior knowledge about the teams. Your dad remembered some fond moments at a game in DC and I remember when we watched (in 1989?) the international “Gothia Cup” in Gothenburg, Sweden (the biggest soccer tournament for boys in the world). It was fun because already then you knew so much about soccer (due to the training by your dad?).Alex and Caitlin, we miss you much!Grandma and Tucker and Tina say hi from a snow bank (we have got 7′ so far) while I am sitting inside to write this message. /Grandpa Hans


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