Nuevas Materiales

So the supply ordering/shipping/receiving process leaves a lot to be desired here in Honduras, which means I’ve gotten pretty used to teaching with what I would call “basic” art supplies. That means that paper, paint, oil pastels, chalk, markers and colored pencils were the extent of what I had access to. Those materials are great and I appreciated having them to work with (it could have been a lot worse), but I wanted to be able to do some more unique projects with the kids.
Back in September I put in an order for some supplies from the U.S. My principal is incredible and ordered everything I wanted plus some! After a lot of paper work and almost three entire months in customs, my supplies have finally arrived!! Now I have plaster, printmaking supplies, glaze, clay tools, basket reed, glitter, tacky glue, sharpie markers, linoleum blocks, aluminum sheet, x-acto knives, etc. at my disposal. The students and I are all very excited to get started on projects like Egyptian mask-making and an Aztec Sun Calendar printing project. And now starts the long process of starting to request materials for next year….

I had plenty to work with, but not much that was unique or exciting to the kids.

In the process of unpacking…it was like Christmas morning because I barely remembered what all I had ordered!

Now I have a lot of materials the kids have never worked with before which is getting them excited to try out new techniques in the projects I have planned for the rest of the year.

Most of this shelf is stuff the school purchased in Honduras with the sharpies being the exception. The kids are so excited about them because it is hard to find colors other than black and red here. They love to take notes in the bright colors.

I loved the basket making project I did with the 5th graders in Portage so I got supplies to do the project down here.
The white paper is actually printing foam. The students can draw their design on the foam with pencil and then use it to print with. I’ll probably use this with 7th or 8th grade.

The 6th graders are suuuuper excited to make plaster masks, a project we will be starting in March. It was something I talked about all year so I’m really glad the supplies are here and I can follow through on everything I described to them.

Glitter in such mass quantity is very hard to find in Honduras. The students come to my room to borrow yarn, glitter, markers and scrap paper for their projects in other classes.

5 thoughts on “Nuevas Materiales

  1. Caitlin it is so nice to see how much you love doing this and how exciting every little step makes you think about new projects. I am impressed with all your projects , it shows how talented art teacher you are. I think the students can not wait to go your classes and keep exploring every single new project. It is also nice that you were able to get everything you wanted. That even though took sometime, the principal ordered everything that you needed without a blink. Indicating that the principal really wants you to succeed.


  2. Hi Caitlin,I’m SO EXCITED about your new supplies. What fun! You go girl! I can’t believe after teaching 30 years I still get so excited trying new projects. This year has been great. We are so lucky to be doing a job we love. And the creative possibilites are endless. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I LOVED your pix’s. The sawdust rugs were awesome. WOW! What a fantastic experience you are having. Hey we got a new kitty. She’s so cute. Kenzie named her Mona (I call her Mona Lisa! ha!) We no longer have Lilly. It’s a sad story. Hard to believe Kenz is 16 yrs. She didn’t pass her drivers test the first time. But she’s gearing up for round two. What a crazy winter. I’m hoping for 100 inches of snow. Larry, Kenz, Konnor and I are going to Mexico for spring break. We can hardly wait. 🙂 I think of you often. I to Alex.Fondly,Cathy


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