The Procession

The front of the church was swarming with people dressed in purple. There were also numerous food vendors set up outside the church selling snacks to the crowd.
These “Romans” are headed inside the church to get ready to lead the procession.
processionThese three boys were second in the procession.
The procession was divided between men and women. The men walked first carrying this float, while the women followed behind. Notice the men with the tall sticks holding up the power lines.
We asked some boys in purple how they were chosen to be in the procession and they explained that anybody could volunteer. We saw people of all ages dressed in purple, all the way down to the infant in the arms of the couple next to us.
The band was on lunch break when they walked past us, but we could hear them playing later on.
A clean up crew followed directly behind the procession, sweeping up the remnants of the rugs and putting them into a dump truck.
Around 9pm, the procession made it to the Parque Central in Antigua. The floats were lit up and hundreds of people were still walking.
The women’s part of the procession at night.

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