Scuba Diving

This break we got a chance to go to Utila twice. Both times we got a chance to go diving and were fortunate to see some amazing marine life. There must be something about David that makes him attract some of the most amazing creatures. On top of seeing it we got a chance to take some pictures of the underwater scenery. The pictures below are some of the better pictures or most interesting creatures that we saw. The pictures are taken from the 6 dives we went on. We however did not take any pictures on the night dive. Needless to say the Christmas presents got some good use.

David and Alex

Moray Eel

Pink Flamingo Tongue (A small pink and orange snail that this picture does not do justice)

Close up of the Pink Flamingo Tongue

Spotted Drum

Stingray that had just buried itself into the sand it was about 3 1/2 feet in diameter

Octopus that was changing colors

Eagle Ray (look carefully)

David at the Wreck

Alex at the Wreck

One thought on “Scuba Diving

  1. Yikes! The moray eel is frightening when you enlarge the picture. How close were you? What about the sting ray; aren’t they dangerous? You’ll see how gray we are when you come home. Just Kidding!!


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