Sambo Creek

As soon as everyone arrived in San Pedro Sula and got settled in, we uprooted them and dragged them to the north coast. Sambo Creek is a small Garifuna community outside of La Ceiba. We took over a large chunk of Hotel Helen’s (owned by a Honduran woman and managed by her Canadian husband and brother-in-law). Helen’s was our home base as we headed out on a different adventure activity each day.
Here are some pictures of the family hanging around the hotel:

Dinner and drinks on our first night!

Alex and Sara in the hotel restaurant.

David and Alex on the beach…not a fabulous beach day, guess we’ll have to go whitewater rafting instead!

A view of our hotel from the beach.

Pretending we’re in jail on Christmas Eve! Mom and I opted not to slither underneath the locked gate between the hotel and the beach.

Sara is disgusted by the caged creature!

Drinks in the sand!

Napping in a hammock!

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