Rafting the Rio Cangrejal

Our first day in La Ceiba was spent on the Rio Cangrejal. Alex and I had already been here so we decided to take the family back to share the experience with them. Kathy held down the fort at the lodge while the rest of us headed into the freezing cold river. Mom and David were in one boat with some other visitors while Dad, Alex, Sara and I were in another. Mom and David managed to stay in their boat the entire trip….such was not the case in our boat! At one point Dad, Alex and Sara all fell out and I was left with just the guide. We had been prepped with the instructions to pull people back into the boat when they fell out, but three all at once was a little overwhelming! (The guide later told Alex that he could see the look of sheer panic on my face) Later on in the trip it was my turn to head toward the water. The boat headed sideways down some rapids and I could feel myself lean just enough that I was past the point of staying in it. Then, out of nowhere a hand grabbed my ankle and dragged my back into the boat (thankfully my dad has some awesome reflexes). Needless to say, it was quite the adventure!

In the “bus” on the way to the Jungle River Lodge. The bus was some type of retired military vehicle with school bus seats in the back.

We rafted through those rapids!

A view of the lodge.

The Rio Cangrejal.

Checking out the river before we head out in the boats.

David and Alex contemplating the leap off the rock.

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