Christmas Canopying

Christmas day seemed like the perfect time for some fun in the trees! We headed out on horseback from our hotel, got all our gear on, and then headed the rest of the way up the hill on the horses. Once at the top we not only had a fabulous view, but lots of fun zipping back down the mountain. With some hot springs thrown in for good measure, it was an excellent way to celebrate the holiday.

Sara and the pretty horse.

All geared up and ready to go!

Not a bad view from the start of the zip lines.

Good thing he’s strapped in!

Looks comfy!

Hot spring break!
There were 18 zip lines and after 13 of them you get to take a break and enjoy these natural hot spring pools.

The hot springs.

Nice gloves/brakes!

Sara and Alex:)

Mom on the zip line!

Alex is a pro now that he’s gone zip lining three times!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Canopying

  1. Boy am I impressed that your mom went zip lining. Wonder what mom Kathy thinks? Grandparents are exempt!Didn’t see a picture of Sara.


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