Volcan Poas

The last day in Costa Rica we spent the night right outside of San Jose in a very nice little hostel and happened to meet another guest who wanted to go up to the Volcano that we had thought of going up. So we split the cost of a cab to try to get up and see the Volcano before the fog covered it up. Needless to say we were disappointed when we got to the volcano and could not see more than three feet in front of us. As the picture shows below I was very excited about seeing a cloud. We hiked around the national park a little and when we came back to the volcano’s crater would could see in. The Volcano crater stunk of sulfur as we had expected and you could see a little steam coming out of the lake. After the crater cleared up I went running back up to the lagoon to see it since the first time we saw nothing more than fog. As the pictures show the clouds were quite low and didn’t leave a large window of viewing time.

The Fog! Yay Clouds!!

The Volcano Crater after the Clouds left

Panoramic picture of the crater

The Lagoon

Another picture of the Lagoon


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