While in Costa Rica we decided to try something that we have not seen here in Honduras. Besides the volcanoes that we hiked up, we saw this option of canyoneering. Which is repelling down waterfalls in the middle of the jungle. At first Caitlin was skeptical about it and worried that she would freak out about the heights and descending down. After a little convincing she decided to go for it. As soon as the trek began she had no problems and started repelling like a pro. The hike followed a river, needless to say that with the combination of a down pour meant that we were soaked to the bone. Thankfully the guides talked me out of taking my camera that I had ziplocked in two bags thinking that this would keep it dry, it wouldn’t have. P.S. Dad the rain jacket was awesome and helped until I had to jump into the river.

Crazy face before the big repel

Alex going through the waterfall on the way down (Roughly 190ft)

Caitlin before descending the biggest waterfall

Caitlin on her way down the big waterfall

Alex repelling down one of the waterfalls

Caitlin Repelling down the waterfall

Caitlin and I after descending down the waterfall


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