Nuestro Arbolito

Alex only grumbled a little when I insisted that we buy a Christmas tree to decorate our apartment here in Honduras (It may be just a little impractical).:) In fact he was very helpful at Diunsa (like Walmart), asking the salespeople to send someone to the warehouse to get an out of stock smaller tree.
We opted for the table-top version and scrimped by only putting two strands of lights on it (I usually like my Christmas tree to be ablaze!). It also currently has one ornament…a fish souvenir that we got in Roatan the last time we were there. Although the lone ornament looks a little silly, it reminds us of all the chances we will have in the future to collect ornaments from our different adventures.

Feliz Navidad!


4 thoughts on “Nuestro Arbolito

  1. Too bad Cheeto isn’t there to eat your new tree. We decided we wouldn’t even put ours up. Between Riley and Cheeto, I’d probably be finding ornaments in every corner, under every bed and behind every door from now until September. THis week, he’s digging in the pot of parsley on the kitchen counter. Hope he didn’t bury something we don’t know about.Can’t wait to see your little tree. It’s cute. The excitement level here is ratcheting up. One week and counting. Feliz Navidad.


  2. Your Christmas tree welcomes you home tonight! (And your sister, too!)Hope you had a nice time in Costa Rica and that the holiday week is peaceful and fun!We will miss you and Sara at Grandma’s


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