Although my dream of seeing a mono (monkey) in the wild was not fulfilled during our trip to Costa Rica, we still saw a multitude of fabulous animals. One of the most exciting is called a kinkajou and is a nocturnal animal that lives in the jungle canopy. We were hiking through the rainforest near Monteverde when I looked up into the tree and saw this critter jumping from the top of one tree to another while it traveled across the forest. It was a few feet long with a super long tail (it looked a little bit like a cat). The unfortunate part about this event is that I was so excited to see it that I didn’t get a chance to take a picture! Instead you’ll have to click here to see what a kinkajou looks like. Here are some of the many other animals we saw during our trip:

This little pajaro (bird) hopped very close to us while we were hiking.

A teeny tiny little poison dart frog (sapo) we found.

Not quite the poison dart frog that Alex wanted to see, but still pretty cool. This frog would be called a rana in spanish.

These animals are related to raccoons. Alex thought I was a dork for taking a picture of them.:)

This hummingbird posed with her wings open each time I took a picture.

A little brown bird during one of our hikes.

We saw this cutey lizard from the aerial tram.

Giant caterpillar that I almost stepped on!

A three-toed sloth and her baby.

This viper is highly venomous.

Morpho butterfly chrysalises.

These are morpho butterflies. They are bright blue on the inside when they open their wings.

The inside of a morpho butterfly’s wings. The spanish word for butterfly is mariposa.

One thought on “Animales

  1. El animal que mencionas que es pariente de los mapaches es un coati. Que mal que no tomaron fotos de las ranas azules y anaranjadas que crecen el bosque tropical de Costa Rica. Son oriundas de esos bosques, son pequeñas caben en un centavo


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