During this past bimester, the seventh graders and I tackled architecture. I found an interesting lesson plan in an Art Education magazine and tweaked it a little to fit my teaching style. The students learned about different architectural concepts and created a building that had to have certain parameters (like 5 different roofs and 4 types of windows).
After the buildings were created, I introduced the idea of visual texture (when something looks like it feels a certain way). Students were required to use 9 different visual textures within their building.
To finish off the project, the buildings were glued to watercolor backgrounds, and then to a black frame that was texturized with white marker.
As with the first project, I was incredibly impressed with how well the students did. Their buildings look professional and they are proud of how they turned out.

Here are a few examples:


2 thoughts on “Architecture

  1. These are also very awesome. Do you think you will become so fond of teaching middle school art that you will not want to switch back to the younger grades? You are doing such a great job with these kids.


  2. It’s hard for me to tell whether I prefer the little ones or the middle school kids…they are so different! The middle school kids are so advanced and come up with such great ideas, but the little ones are so enthusiastic about absolutely everything! At least now I know that I would feel comfortable at either level which will make job searching in the future easier.


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