As a short project for the last few weeks of school, I had the seventh graders create realistic self-portraits. In order to make the assignment less intimidating, I took their photos and then had the students cut them in half and draw the part that was missing. They could look at the other part of the photo for help. We talked about shading and the different values that gray can be. Here are some of the final products:


5 thoughts on “Self-Portraits

  1. Your students do awesome work!!I came across your website awhile ago, and have been reading your updates, just never have posted a comment. But I figured that it was time to say hello!I will be moving to Colon in June (where I am moving to most people haven’t heard of, LOl, but its near Tocoa and Taujica)~Jennifer


  2. What a great idea! I’ve never seen this done before. The kids are really talented. Did they get to decide how to divide their faces in half or did you do that for them?


  3. Thank you so much for your compliments! I told the students about everyone’s reaction to their portraits and they were very excited.As far as cutting them in half, the only guideline I gave was that it had to be vertical. They could choose what type of cut and which half to use.


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