Scuba Diving

As promised more pictures of Roatan. These pictures were taken while diving. We got lucky and saw a turtle at the very end of the dive and I managed to get an ok picture of it. The camera was a ton of fun to play with as we were diving but there is a serious learning curve to it. At first it is difficult to gauge how close you must be and it is difficult to hold oneself steady to avoid a blur or to avoid missing the fish entirely. Jesse and I also took advantage of the camera and took a picture of each other. On a technical note of diving, this was a drift dive where the current did all the work and pushed us along the reef giving us a chance to use very little energy and see a large span of the reef.

Picture of Me

Picture of a big eye fish (Squirrel Fish)

Picture of Jesse

Picture of a Hawk Bill Turtle eating something


3 thoughts on “Scuba Diving

  1. Cool pictures. I showed them to my colleagues at work and they were impressed.Just talked to Grandma on the phone and she said they had had 14 inches of snow in Madison. Just so you know what you are missing!


  2. just talked to mom/kathy by way of skype,she showed us some of her Christmas decorations and managed to get a comment on your blog before I could. wanted to say the pictures are great especially when you show them full size on Grandpa’s computer.Love the squirrel fish with his big eyes.


  3. Lots of cool pictures. How’s Jesse’s finger doing? I guess being too still isn’t such a good idea. I love the turtle. How deep under water was it?


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