We love our new underwater camera!

So, my Christmas present from my parents and my aunt is a new camera with an underwater housing and it came just in time for our trip to Roatan last weekend. I am absolutely in love with this camera! It’s my ideal above water camera with 6x optical zoom and 8 megapixels. The underwater housing is a plastic case that the camera fits inside of. It locks shut and then has all sorts of buttons that allow me to use every function of the camera underwater. This means that I can take both photos and videos! The housing is good up to 130 feet below the surface and even has an underwater setting to help counteract the blue tint of the water. We went a little crazy with all the snorkeling we did and took about 500 pictures (don’t worry, we won’t show you them all)! The advantage to an underwater digital camera though, is that you can discard the ones where the fish swam away while you were trying to press the shutter. Below are a handful of the pictures that turned out.

Alex and Jesse are surface diving in this picture…diving down below the surface with just their snorkels on.

Alex snapped this fish swimming along the bottom. It uses it’s snout-like nose to blow the sand away and search for food.

A school of beautiful blue fish!

The zoom on the camera helps to capture the fish close up when the try to swim away!

No fish in this one, just some interesting coral!

If you hold really still while you’re snorkeling, the fish will swim right up next to you. Here’s Lauren in the middle of a school of fish. While Jesse was snorkeling along slowly a fish tried to eat his finger!

Alex noticed this flounder hiding in the sand. Both its eyes are on the same side of its head so that it can see while it lays flat on the ocean floor.

I don’t know what this one is called, but we love how many different colors it is!

Bright purple fan coral!!

A squirrel fish. These usually hide during the day and come out at night (that’s why they have such big eyes).

2 thoughts on “We love our new underwater camera!

  1. Glad we could pick out something for you that you really wanted. The pictures are great! Is the color even better in person? Can’t wait to see you at Christmas.


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