Some Midwesterners on a Bay Island

We were so happy to finally get to Roatan that we headed straight to the beach for a group photo.

Alex and Jesse immediately went diving once we were on the island so Ashley, Lauren and I took the opportunity to go on a canopy tour. It was Lauren’s first and she had lots of fun!

Me, Ashley and Lauren.

Lauren hanging upside down while the guide breaks for her.

Me and Lauren after the canopy tour.

We love the hotel we stay at in Roatan. It’s called Bananarama and this picture was taken on the deck next to the bar. We are all facing the ocean.
Anybody know what kind of bird this is? It was hanging out on the dock down the beach from our hotel.

Just a few sunset pictures from Sunday night!

The pier down the beach from our hotel.

Sunset in Roatan.


One thought on “Some Midwesterners on a Bay Island

  1. The beautiful scenery you have is such a contrast to what we have now here in Madison. The ten o’clock news said it would be 3 or so degrees tonight. The pictures you are taking are really professional. I voted for the tidbits but like the pictures and trip events just as much. I don’t know the name of the bird that was hanging around, but I want one! I especially like his feet.p.s. you can earn 8 dollars an hour shoveling the snow off the seats at packer stadium.


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