The Adventures of Flying Taca

Well, traveling can oftentimes be an adventure here in Honduras, and our trip to Roatan with Lauren was no exception. Lauren, Alex, Jesse, Jenna, Ashley and I raced out of school on Friday to catch a 3:30 flight to Roatan. 17 hours later we touched down on the bay island…here is our story!

Lauren and I at the airport…thinking we are going to take off at 3:30…how silly of us!
We found out at 4 that our flight was delayed until 5 and we found out at 5:30 that our flight was canceled all together. It turns out there was some sort of mechanical problem with the plane and it never left Roatan to get to San Pedro Sula in the first place. Taca was nice enough to keep us totally in the dark about all of this until we had been at the airport, growing impatient, for a good 4 hours.

“Your flight is canceled, have some Wendy’s.”
While the airline tried to figure out what to do with us, they provided us a lovely meal at the airport Wendy’s. Ashley was lucky enough to have ordered Wendy’s when she first got to the airport, and therefor got to eat chicken nuggets twice in one night!

During our extended wait at the lovely San Pedro Sula airport we met Carmen Jala, a famous singer from Mexico. She was on her way to perform in La Ceiba and got stranded along with us.

Approximately 9pm and finally on a plane!
Taca bumped some other angry people (making enemies all around), and put us on the 9pm flight to La Ceiba.

Landing in Ceiba on Friday night…headed to a free night’s stay at La Quinta.
The Roatan airport closes at 5:30, so getting all the way there on Friday was no longer an option. While we were hoping to be in Roatan instead of Ceiba, a free night’s hotel is never something to complain about!

Saturday morning, plane #2…not canceled this time!!
We flew out on an 8am flight to Roatan. Approximately 15 minutes in the air.

Dreary weather in Roatan means we didn’t miss much. The rain cleared up about an hour after we got to the island and the rest of the weekend was beautiful!

In a taxi, on the way to the hotel in Roatan…finally!:)

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