We Won!

Our school decided to hold a fun event for all the teachers to get to know each other better. They decided to rent out a bowling alley. All the teachers formed teams of 6 and got to bowl one game for the competition and then continue bowling for the rest of the night for fun. Our team consisted of Caitlin, Jesse, Jenna (neighbor in our apartment complex), Ryan and Kim (Ryan also teaches 8th grade L.A. and Social Studies with me), and myself. All of us are from the midwest in fact Ryan and Kim are the only ones not from Wisconsin (They are gophers unfortunately). Since the Sconi’s outnumbered Jesse decided to name the team “Quesos Cabezas” aka cheese heads literally. Jesse used incorrect grammar to get as close to the translation as possible. We bowled our first game with no worries or concerns about winning. Across the board we bowled anywhere from average to below average. Thinking nothing of it we continued to bowl the following games. Needless to say when the winners were announced we won. Apparently midwesterners are natural bowlers! The first place prize consists of a 2000Lp. prize to Unos pizza, roughly $100. We now have to decide what night to go out and enjoy the winnings.

Stay tuned for more postings as we are headed back to Copan tomorrow morning.


2 thoughts on “We Won!

  1. Congrats on the win! Must be all those times at Schwegler’s! I hear Grandma Lois is a pretty mean bowler – maybe you could recruit her for your team!


  2. don,t know how mean i was, but it was fun. Thought Alex went to the Green Room? Our team was called “Grandmas and Girls” Alex, check your mail.


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