Under the Sea

Here’s some pictures with my underwater camera experimentation.
It’s frustrating that the camera doesn’t capture the colors they way they really looked. I also don’t have very many pictures of fish because between them moving and me not being great at holding still underwater it is waaaay too hard to get them in focus! So besides some tiny blue fish, I hope you enjoy all the coral I captured!

Some blue fishies!

Some crazy orange coral.

Fan coral.

We were super close to the surface at this point…only about 25 feet underwater.

The coral was more colorful where we dove in Belize, but Roatan had all sorts of differently shaped coral!

2 thoughts on “Under the Sea

  1. Great shots, but where did you ever get the idea that “only” and “25 feet under water” belonged in the same phrase? I was hoping that “wreck” and “109 feet” were some sort of computer error.ATC


  2. These pictures are stunning, like right out of National Geographic. You must have had a great time floating around seeing all the colors, shapes and textures. And you’ve had your class in Indiana create fish and underwater scenes. This gives it new meaning, huh?We’re in Minneapolis for the wedding. It’s a beautiful day and such a great city. David is doing his last two dives for his class to get certified. So you two will have a partner come Christmas. I’m glad you have having some of your things enlarged and framed. You’ll be so glad to have those in the years to come …. wherever you are living. Vince’s house is still for sale……Alex, when I read that you swam through a window into a wreck, I was almost sure I could hear your mother draw in her breath. At least, I did. Glad you’ve taken the classes and are having such a great time.


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