The Art Room

I have to admit that I’m missing my giant, clean, air conditioned, cabinet filled art room in Portage…but that doesn’t mean I’m not getting used to the basement here! In fact, the only real complaint I have is the lack of air conditioning (a major thing when you live in a tropical climate and teach middle schoolers). It sounds like we will be in the new building in January, so until then here are some pictures of my classroom:

My room is in the basement of the “cafetorium” which is the gymnasium for the middle and high school kids. In order to get there I leave the regular part of the school and head across a gravel driveway (a lot like playing frogger in the mornings when the kids are getting dropped off).

My room is the behind those windows at the bottom of the stairs. I share it with Mr. Kramer, the industrial arts teacher who has been here for 18 years. He is very nice and easy to share a room with. We are sandwiched on each side by the music room and the maintenance office. This can sometimes mean that my room is filled with the sounds of kids singing…or with the sounds of hammering and sawing as the maintenance staff builds something new for the campus.

A view across the room from my desk. This is a class of seventh graders and several of them are out of uniform because it is a special day where they can pay 5 L. to wear a team jersey for a student council fundraiser. As you can tell, many of them use this opportunity to just wear regular clothes!
The regular school uniform is a blue button down shirt with a plaid skirt (girls) or jeans (boys). The kids in yellow shirts have their gym uniform on which is a yellow EIS t-shirt with blue shorts or sweatpants.

These sixth graders are working on their Vincent Van Gogh flowers. I don’t have very many windows in my room and most of them are covered by stuff. We also never leave them open because when it rains everything pretty much drains down into our room. It’s easier to just not open them so that we don’t have to remember to close them….it also makes the room a little bit quieter.

3 thoughts on “The Art Room

  1. thanks for a look at your classroom Caitlin. It looks like you have some hard working students. Keep sending the pictures, we enjoy it so much.


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