We chose our hotel on a recommendation from our principal and it was fabulous! Our room is the one on the left at the top of the stairs. It had a living room with fridge, microwave, futon, and tv, one regular bedroom and one lofted bedroom. Maybe it was a little bit more room than we needed, but it was very comfortable!

Our balcony didn’t face the ocean, but you can’t exactly complain about this view across the island! The balcony came with a rocking bench and a hammock too (where I spent the first rainy afternoon reading).

It was a little stormy our first day on the island!

The view from my beach chair…not a bad way to occupy myself while Alex is busy at the bottom of the ocean!

Another view from my beach chair….it was too windy to snorkel on the second day, but perfect weather for sitting on the beach!

Sunset on night #2….the sunburn is already beginning to show!

Another view of the sunset!

Alex decked out in all his scuba gear….he has a new addiction…(I mean hobby!)

Alex and Martin, our Argentinian dive instructor, at the entrance to our hotel.

On the ferry headed home…with the sunburn in full effect. I can’t figure out why every single class this week has asked if I went to the beach for the long weekend!?;)

A view looking back from the ferry, it was soooo hard to leave! We’re already planning a trip back to the islands next month and a trip back to Roatan in the spring.


One thought on “Roatan

  1. Hey Cait, I was in the car the other day, and I randomly put in the middle school power hour and I thought of our party. Good times! Glad you are having so many adventures, I am jealous. Matt and I are going to the beach this weekend though. I hope it is as nice as all your trips! 🙂


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