TidBit of the Day-Electric Shower

We have an electric shower.

This means that the only place we have hot water in our apartment is the shower and that it gets hot by running through that giant shower head. We only have one knob that works and to change the water temperature you have to change how much water runs through the shower head. If you turn the water on just a little bit the water is super hot and if you crank the water on high the water is super cold.

The funniest thing about having an electric shower is that we saw them on the list of supplied items when we accepted the job way back in February. I vividly remember asking what an electric shower is and being assured that barely any of the apartments have them and that the chance of us having one was very slim!

Although our electric shower doesn’t really bug us, we were excited to find out a few weeks ago that our landlord doesn’t want us to have to deal with the ancient electric shower and is instead springing for hot water heaters! So far a fix-it guy has come and installed a second knob so that we can have hot and cold water separately and he put a box on the wall of the balcony outside the bathroom that will heat up the water instead of the shower head. Now we just have to wait for the plumber! We figure we should have an actual non-electric shower sometime before summer starts…very exciting!


One thought on “TidBit of the Day-Electric Shower

  1. wow… i’m pretty sure that now that i know you don’t have a real shower, i will not be coming to visit you anymore. just playing 🙂 miss you guys!


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