Trip to Roatan

This past weekend we went to Roatan one of the bay islands as we had a three day weekend due to the Dia de la Raza. We flew to Roatan to save time and begin our relaxing weekend. The night we arrived and the following day were rainy so not much was accomplished. I was able to get one dive in and read up on some of my adventure dives I would be doing the following day. The following day was sunny but the water was still choppy so there would be no snorkeling or kayaking as hoped. But we were able to go diving. Caitlin did an adventure dive were she was taught to identify fish and she rented a SCUBA camera so she took pictures. I got to go deep diving and then did a dive were I learned to identify fish too. The following day I was able to do too more dives and Caitlin went snorkeling. Caitlin saw a bunch of different fish that swam up to her and she was able to identify a large number of them due to her class and looking at the pictures. I did not see as many fish but I got to go down to 109ft and go into a wreck. I went through a window and out another. After which I got to pet a large grupper and a green moray eel. Then I went through another window and out a hole. We then went cruising around a reef and into a cave. We then ferried it back to mainland and bused it back to San Pedro Sula for anther week of work.


4 thoughts on “Trip to Roatan

  1. sounds great,even though you make me a little nervous. Do you ever wonder what the fish think? Especially after watching “Finding Nemo”.Hope that’s the right film.


  2. Hi Al!Sounds like you had a good time. The underwater animals sound quite cool. Do you learn the names in Spanish or English? We miss you. Please send me your 3 songs.


  3. We learned the names in English and actually we learned them by “families.” There are 21,000 types of fish so they are grouped into families with similarities like face shape and big eyeballs, etc.


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