Parque Nacional Pico Bonito!

This past weekend we went to Parque Nacional Pico Bonito. Pico Bonito is a little over 3 hours from San Pedro. We were lucky enough to have friends going who own cars so we didn’t even have to take a bus. The park is a jungle area with the Rio Cangrejal running through it and it is beautiful! While we were there we had a chance to whitewater raft, hike in the jungle and go on a canopy tour. The next few entries will show you all the stuff we saw! Enjoy:)

Here’s a little iguana we saw near the lodge we stayed at!
Jungle River Tours is a company that runs tours and has an adventure lodge along the river. There is a small restaurant/bar, a dorm style sleeping room, and a beautiful view!

The lodge had a big rock ledge in front of it that overlooks the river.

A bunch of teachers on a rock.

Alex on the edge of one of the big rocks across from the lodge!

Boys on a rock.

Fun in the river!

Alex jumping off the big rock!

I was too chicken to jump off the big rock so I opted for the medium one instead.

Action shot!

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