Canopy Tour

In our gear and all set to go!

Alex headed out over the river…we were rafting through there just the day before!

Two of the longest zip lines went across the river. The guide on the opposite end would jump up and down with the cable to throw you around!

The higher you put your feet the faster you go!

Alex zipping through the jungle!

Our canopy tour included a hike through the jungle where our guide told us all sorts of neat nature facts. Did you know you can eat termites?! This picture is of our guide’s hand covered in termites, and yes, we did eat them. They taste a lot like carrots with pepper on them. You can also smash them up and rub them on your skin as insect repellent!


2 thoughts on “Canopy Tour

  1. ::ewwww… i hate carrots! and i can’t believe you guys really ate bugs! if i ever get a chance to come visit, i’ll definitely pass on that:: –val peacock


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