TidBit of the Day-Holidays

We don’t get Labor Day off here, but September 15th is Honduran Independence Day….and actually it’s the reason why we had an extended weekend to go to Pico Bonito. Friday was a shortened day of school with no classes. During the morning we had “acto civico” where the students sang the national anthem and put on different performances.
September is also the month of the corn festival so acto civico was combined with a celebration. Several different food stands were set up on the lawn of the school. Students could buy all sorts of treats made out of corn to help “celebrate!”

One thought on “TidBit of the Day-Holidays

  1. Lo que es interezante es que Mexico fue el primer pais que se independizo de Espana. El dia de la independencia de Mexico es Septiembre 16, empezo en el 15. Despues una gran mayoria de los otros pais Latinoamericanos se independizaron en Septiembre, varios en el 15. Siempre lo he encontrado interezante.


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