Horseback Ride

During our weekend trip to Copan we took a three hour horseback ride up to the top of a mountain. The scenery was beautiful and we got to visit a small traditional village partway through the journey.

On our way up the mountain!

Alex on his horse.

A view of the river.

At the top of the mountain we met these children selling dolls made from corn husks.

A view from the top!

And another view….absolutely gorgeous!

There is a women’s aresania community in the village. They have several looms and they weave different items to sell to tourists.

A close-up of one of the looms (for Aunt Kathy and Grandma Lois).

Headed back down the mountain!

One thought on “Horseback Ride

  1. Great pictures of the Copan ruins! What adventures you are having, and you all look so happy and beautiful.Interesting to see the different type if loom, Thanks! It’s an adventure for me just to leave a comment.


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