Canopying in Copan

This past weekend we went to Copan. We managed to accomplish more than we expected. We saw the ruins, went horseback riding and managed to go on a Canopy tour. The first entry of Copan will be of the Canopy Tour. It consisted of 28 zip lines the longest being 1km long and a pully. The highest zip line went 300 mts. above the jungle. The brake system was very complex, it consisted of a glove with extra leather and my arm muscle. Needless to say it was an adrenaline rush and we will be doing it again next weekend in Pico Bonito National Park.

Picture of Ellie canopying.

Picture of me canopying.

Picture of me in “Los Sapos”. It is believed to be the birthing place of Mayan royalty.

Me on the canopy normal style.

Superman style Canopy tour.


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