Copan Ruinas II

Me and Alex on top of the ruins!

A view from the top of the ruins.

The Ceiba tree is the national tree of Guatemala, but they are also all over Honduras. They have giant roots that grow all over the place. Here’s our group at the base of one with the “Old Man of Copan.”

A panoramic view of one of the courtyards. At the time when the Mayas ruled, the Copan temples looked very different than they do now. The stone of the temples was painted red, in some areas you can still see a faint residue. Instead of the grassy courtyard areas, the space in between the temples was made of stone that was painted white with stucco. So rather than gray and green the entire scene would have been white and red.

Small detailed carvings underneath a ledge.

One of the giant statues in the large plaza area.

A stone carving.

The remnants of a temple.

More temple remnants.
At one point this entire area was covered by jungle before the ruins were excavated. Even now there are still several hills that are known to have ruins buried beneath dirt and foliage.

This is a hieroglyphic wall. Each block is like the page of a book. Unfortunately the wall collapsed at one point and was put back together wrong so nobody can read it now!

ps…you can click on any of these photos to make them larger!


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