Jordan: The Final Winter Break Post

As spring break approaches, I figured I had to get the last of our winter break photos up on the blog. The last stop of our winter break was Jordan. As you can see the break was a series of historic stops to take in ancient ruins. The unplanned success of our trip was that we changed cultures enough to avoid temple burn out.

Jordan was a brief stop that we added on to our trip because we had a layover enroute back to Moscow. We figured why not take the opportunity to check out Petra, so we hired a driver and headed to the south of Jordan. We arrived in Wadi Musa in the afternoon after catching a morning flight from Egypt and figured we would take it easy and rest up for the next day of ruin exploring. We grabbed a nice lunch and walked around the town a little bit. On the way back to the hotel, I noticed a couple leaving Petra looking like they had just been put through the ringer. Both were barely lifting their feet and looked like they were no longer talking to each other. I pointed them out to Caitlin and referenced the many times we had been at that point when visiting ruins. This has frequently been caused by my desire to see all the ruins regardless of the number of temples or days. This was the first time I mentally thought to myself that we weren’t going to do that.

Fast forward to the next day… we entered the park shortly after it opened and chose to walk in, instead of getting a horse to take us closer to the entrance. As you walk through the canyon you know you are going to round a corner and end up looking at the treasury. This section of the walk took a little bit longer than anticipated. After the treasury we chose to hike up to the top of the canyon to get a better view and then come back down and take in the sites of the rest of the ruins on the main drag. Unfortunately we got slightly lost and ended up taking a larger loop than intended. This only became problematic when I mentioned that I also wanted to check out the monastery, which tacked on another big hill and a couple of hours. The monastery was totally worth it but it required us going up for about an hour and a half and it was as we were coming down that I realized we had overdone it. We still explored the main drag of the old city on our way back toward the entrance of the park, but we didn’t have nearly as much pep in our step as on the way in.  As we exited the park, I’m sure we looked similar to the couple I had mentally thought we were not going to be this time. This was only compounded by the fact that our driver then took us to little Petra in the afternoon and we had tickets for the night show which required us walking back down to the treasury and out again.

The moral of the story is I can’t avoid overdoing it on ruins and temples. It doesn’t matter how many or how far you have to walk, I will try to see everything and leave nothing in the tank to get back. I think we hiked about 18 miles and 30 flights worth of up and down that day. It was a good thing I planned a day at the Dead Sea for the next day with some spa treatment otherwise this memory might not have been as fondly recorded here.



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