Pyotr Bagration

There are a lot of statues around here so along the lines of our Tidbits of the Day from Honduras, I am henceforth implementing a Russian Statue of the Day here in Moscow.  I’m sure I won’t actually be posting every single day, but that title is much more catchy than Russian Statue of the Every Once in Awhile.

Today’s Russian Statue of the Day?

Pyotr Bagration

IMG_8929I came across this equestrian portrait on my morning run today since he is just down the street from our apartment.  According to good ole Wikipedia, a Georgian prince by birth, Bagration was also a general in the Russian Imperial Army and is known for defending Russia from the French Invasion during the Napoleonic Wars.  There are lots and lots and lots of details about his military exploits on Wikipedia.  I did not read them all.  Knock yourself out.


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