Cinque Terre: One more hike and a ferry ride

With the rest of our time in Cinque Terre we spent one day relaxing in beach chairs and enjoying the beach and eating fish out of a cone. Caitlin made sure to especially take advantage of this as she ate it almost everyday if not everyday. She found the best one in Monterosso where she watched the lady fresh batter and fry it, plus she got a crab claw.

After a day of relaxing we decided to take the ferry down to Porto Venere which turned out to be my personal favorite even though it is not one of the five towns of Cinque Terre. It had a beautiful church on an outcropping and a fun little town that felt a touch bigger than the others but also felt like it had a little bit more character. We had a chance to watch a couple of water polo teams practice in the marina. It was cool to see water polo not in a pool. We then wandered the small alleys and explored the church on the edge of the marina.

The last full day we had in Cinque Terre we decided to do the last piece of the hike we could, which was from Corniglia to Verrnaza. Once again the views were phenomenal and it was a nice way to enjoy the region. We also took advantage of being out and about by getting off the train to explore Manarola. Cinque Terre was an amazing time, from here we headed to Lucca, which I will be posting on shortly.



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