The past few days we have been in Cinque Terre taking in the sites and indulging in the food. Our first full day we decided to hike from Monterosso to Vernazza along the coast. The hike provided some amazing views and gave us a chance to see some of the towns from a different perspective. The hike itself reminded me of a Big Sur hike I did a couple of years back. The big difference was the towns instead of redwood forests and it was a lot hotter in Italy. While the heat was rough, it was nice to be away from the crowds that seemed to descend on the towns during the day. At the end of the hike we arrived in Vernazza where we chugged a ton of water and ate a couple of pieces of focaccia recommended to us by the table of Koreans from Pangyo who were sitting next to us. The day after the hike we spent the day on the beach at Monterosso enjoying some well deserved beach time. The last two days of Cinque Terre are still to come.


One thought on “Riomaggiore

  1. Quizas estes de acuerdo que es increible pasar el tiempo ahi. Es como en una pelicula el tiempo se sienta y las caminatas a traves de las veredas son increibles. Nosotros tambien caminamos de Vernazza a Monterosso al Mare. Increible.
    Ojala lo podamos hacer de nuevo algun dia pero juntos.


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