Seoraksan National Park

As Caitlin is done with cross country we have been trying to take advantage of our weekends and spark the traveling energy that we had when we first went abroad, which consisted of being out of town every weekend. We have reached the  compromise that every other weekend is what we are more realistically able to maintain. Our first trip was to Seoraksan National Park. We had been meaning to get out to this park for some time but hadn’t made it a priority. So we started with this gem in Korea. The fall foliage is impressive and we tried to catch as much of it as possible. Had we gone a week earlier there would have been more but coaching got in the way. The benefit of being a week late was having a lot fewer people on the trails. Even a week late the area was beautiful with the bare rock faces and a few late changing trees. It made me reminisce of hiking every weekend in Ecuador.

The weekend had a couple minor glitches, a car not starting, a flat tire a couple of sick people, but over all it was a good time with friends.


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