While tooling around Sydney we got a chance to take in the sites, see some art,sample the cuisine and see an old friend. As we only had a couple days in Sydney we headed out the first afternoon to see what we could. We ended up walking by the Contemporary Art Museum which had a Chuck Close exhibit that we decided to visit. The exhibit had a lot of his art work that he made in different mediums all surrounding the theme of printing.

The following few days we hit the big sites, Circle Quay, the Opera House, took a ferry over to Manly Beach, walked through the botanical gardens and sampled some of the local cuisine and beers. The city was nice for walking around and we got a chance to see Jenny, a friend from Ecuador who is living in Australia.

Sydney was chill and laid back and it was easy to wander around and take in the different sites. I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.


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