Sailing the Whitsundays

After leaving Fraser Island we headed farther north to Airlie Beach. From here we explored the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef. The day after Christmas we headed out on a sailing day cruise to explore the reef and the islands. The large boat we were on was called the Derwent Hunter and was built in 1946, we got to hear its history as a fishing boat, rum smuggler and tourist boat. In addition the crew gave us a chance to help with hoisting some of the sails.

The day was absolutely beautiful and we got a chance to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef and see a few turtles along with a bunch of different fish and some gorgeous clams.  I realize I didn’t take that many pictures, which means that it was a pretty good day.

The following day I headed out to the outer reef and went diving. I didn’t take my camera as I wanted to enjoy the reef. It didn’t have as many fish as I had expected but the coral was impressive and I got to see an Epaulette Shark which had a really cool design.

I realized that there is something about being on a boat in the tropics that just makes me happy.



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