Glass Blowing in Seattle

As we are back in Korea and the Jet lag is apparently hitting harder this year than in previous years, I thought I would take advantage of the extra hours and blog about our summer.

While in Seattle we took a short glass blowing class with my Dad. It was something that we had all been interested in doing at some point or another and figured why not go for it.

We were given a brief intro with some basic info, then jumped right into making out first piece. We each made a ‘sucky’ bowl. The first step was to put the glass into the glory hole to warm it up so that we could stick colored glass. This was repeated multiple times based on the crossness of the colored glass as well as the number of colors we wanted. We then heated it up again and started blowing, all the while rotating it to prevent it from becoming lopsided. Once we had achieved the desired size we heated it once more, but cooled the half closer to the post, after this we inhaled through the pipe to pull the hotter glass inward, creating a double layered bowl. After making this we made a wobbly looking bowl as well as a drinking glass.

While we succeeded making the desired pieces, it was with a ton of assistance and we only did the simple parts and with lots of direction. It made for a fun night of art making.


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