A visit to Chicago

As our summer progresses we have fallen behind in our posts, partially because of the busy schedule but also because my computer crapped out at the end of the year, leaving me with nothing to process my photos.

So I will start in the middle of our summer with a recent visit with Andy and Erin and their daughter. It was a nice couple of days to catch up with friends from Ecuador and hear about their year and their upcoming move to Istanbul.

While it was short it was great as always and it gave us a chance to meet their daughter and play our annual game of risk. I unfortunately took no pictures of the risk board or of us, but I did take some pictures of their daughter so enjoy.


One thought on “A visit to Chicago

  1. Snazzy photo setup! And great photos! We miss you guys and wish we lived down the park from you again, not just because we’d have permanent Risk partners (well, for Andy at least) and some actual legit pictures of Eliza! We can’t wait until our next visit, whenever and wherever that may be!


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