Throwback Thursday: Aunt Kathy Visits

Hey, remember last year when Aunt Kathy came to visit us in Korea and we never got around to blogging about it…?!  Throwback Thursday to last spring!
Kathy actually took an incredible sounding trip to Japan with some other textile interested people (she finds the coolest trips around the world that relate to all things weaving and textile).  Korea was a short extension of that trip.  I mean really, if you are flying all the way to Japan already, you should definitely hop over to see us in Seoul! 🙂
We managed to cram in all sorts of fun Seoul sights during the extended weekend when Kathy was in town.  We visited Gangnam and forced her to take a touristy picture with the Psy sign, we hit up Changdeokgung Palace just in time for cherry blossom season, we ate some delicious Korean food and we also made it to the National Museum, an excellent collection of artifacts sorted chronologically by the dynasties of Korean history (Silla, Bakjae, Koryo, Joseon, etc).
It’s always excited to have friends and family come visit us.  We love to see our loved ones in person!  It also gives us an opportunity to play tourist in our own city, something we should do far more often than we have.  On this particular visit, both the Changdeokgung Palace and the National Museum were sights that Alex and I hadn’t had the chance to see yet.  I highly recommend both of them.  The palace has traditional Korean architecture and beautifully manicured gardens (that we need to go back and see as they were closed the day we went) and the museum is really well done and is also free!
We were thrilled that Kathy made the journey all the way to Asia.  Now we just need to move to Africa so that visiting us will get her her last continent!! 😉
Aunt Kathy in Gangnam
On our way to the palace–this spot on the sidewalk specifically tells you were to take a picture from.
This is the picture from that very specific spot.  Not too shabby advice!
The gates at the palace
Most of the palaces in Korea are of this similar architectural style.  Changdeokgung felt much more spread out than Gyeongbokgung though.  I love the juxtaposition of the old architecture surrounded by the new architecture.
The flowers were just starting to bloom the weekend Kathy was here.  Spring is Seoul is absolutely beautiful!

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