30cm Coil Pots

This year’s group of Ceramics I students made some absolutely fabulous coil pots!  I’m not sure if it’s my teaching (doubt it) or the group of kids (maybe?) or the excellent examples I get to use from previous years, but I feel like the pieces my students make are more and more impressive each year that I teach ceramics.  The pieces that my students made my first year at SIS are here and while I still think those students produced impressive pieces, the frustration level goes down each year and the students find more success.  There is less breakage and starting over so most students are able to excel at adding details and glazing instead of frantically remaking their piece two or three times right before the due date.  Here are a few of this year’s 30cm Coil Pots:

fyi that’s a crab claw 🙂

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