Unified Tile Series

My Ceramics II students start each year off by creating a series of tiles on a topic of their choice (how far behind in blogging am I that it’s June and I’m telling you about the first project of the year from last September?!…whoops!).  I ask them to choose between an architectural theme or a socio-political theme and to include significant additive and subtractive relief.  The rest is up to them!  I find that an open-ended project like this is a great way to start off the year for my II’s…they get a sense of freedom, have a chance to express themselves in a creative way, and basically set themselves up for what the rest of the year will be like in terms of planning, research and creativity.  A few of this year’s pieces:

Commentary on the consumption of fast food and increased obesity among people in many cultures.
Plastic surgery
Gothic architecture
Gothic architecture from another angle

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