Throwback Thursday: Jaisalmer India

As frequently happens when we travel we fail to blog all of the pictures/places/events that we intended to. So for the next couple of weeks we are going to post Throwback Thursday posts to catch up on the stuff that is sitting in the draft files of our blog.

The first post comes to you from Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer was the last city we stopped in on our trip through India a couple of summers ago. It was referred to as the ‘yellow’ city as its buildings are made of a yellow stone and it goes with the theme of the colored cities of Rajasthan. We had decided that this would be our western most point, but we started doubting our choice as every time we told someone we were headed to Jaisalmer next they gave us a look pity/fear/you must be crazy and responded with ‘too hot, its too hot this time of year, nobody goes there now’. Apparently we were the only ones who thought it would be a good time to visit the desert in the middle of summer. They were right about it being hot, but it was still one of the highlights of our trip.

The town itself surrounds a fort (which we stayed in and spent a lot of time hanging out in) and has a very laid back feel. We enjoyed Jaisalmer as the level of chaos was more subdued and felt like we could wonder the streets without getting run over. We spent only a couple days exploring Jaisalmer, from here we headed via camel into the desert towards the Pakistan border. But that is for another blog entry.

One of the views from our room.
Entering the fort.
I enjoyed wandering through the fort, it felt like I was in a different time.
The entry to our hotel.
A cow looking for a handout.
Colorful truck.
The Lassi shop that Bourdain visited.
Caitlin trying the lassi.
Breakfast on the roof of the fort.
The View from our room.
Caitlin hanging out on the roof. The carving of the building was impressive.
Getting lost in the alley ways.
Meandering through the fort. There were ally ways that would lead every which way.
The fort was like something out of a story.
The view of Jaisalmer.
Caitlin trying to not melt.
Hanging out reading in the hotel.
As you can tell we spent a lot of time on the roof.
Caitlin enjoying the bench seat on the roof.
Sunset over the fort.
Dinner. Boy do I miss the nan. This was a regional dish, made of cactus.
Sunset over the roof.
Watching the night venders come to life.
The night view.

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