Sara in Seoul Day 2

I tried to convince Sara to post again, but she said it was too much time and that she was on vacation. So here are some photos from the second day of showing her around Seoul.

The first thing we did the second day was get an early jump on things and head out to make some Kimchi. Our coworker recommended a place that would teach you how to make it and let you dress up for photos. So when we got there we dressed up in traditional Hanbok and got our pictures taken. After that we dug into making kimchi. It was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be, I still don’t know if it turned out but it at least looked like Kimchi to me.
After Kimchi we wandered around Myeongdong and did a little bit of shopping along with taking in the sites. The last stop in Myeongdong was Shinsegae department store. It is a very high end store but has a fancy grocery store with tons of different kinds of kimchi for Sara to take a look at. We grabbed a quick bite to eat there and then headed off to Dongdaemun to check out a little bit of the fabric district along with the baking district. We also stumbled across Chungbu Market which is a dried fish market. I had never been there but it was a cool discovery and was fun to take pictures in. Having guests come and showing them around always reminds me of how much of Seoul I have still not discovered.

Dressed up in Hanbok and being posed.
Hanging out, I couldn’t figure out how to wear the hat, it felt more than a touch too small.
The ingredients for seasoning Kimchi. (top down, left to right) Sugar, Rice paste, chili powder, salty shrimp, soy sauce or oyster sauce, mix of ginger and garlic, sesame seeds.
Sara after she chopped everything up and getting ready to mix it.
Starting to mix.
Digging in to it.
Wrapped up and finished.
The market entrance.
Ginseng I believe.
Kimchi crabs.
Dried fish.
Smaller dried fish.
The peppers they use for Chinese Hot pot I think.
A woman selling all sorts of kimchi.
A woman sell soy beans, rice and peeling garlic.
Dried squid, fish, shrimp.
A woman selling a different type of dried fish.
Dried fish for sale.

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