Hue: Imperial City

Saturday morning in Hue we didn’t waste anytime. After eating breakfast (I had pho) we headed out in search of the Imperial City. The weather wasn’t the best, but that wasn’t going to stop us. We pulled on rain jackets and followed Caitlin.
We found the Imperial City without too much trouble and began to walk through. The compound reminded me a lot of the Forbidden City in Beijing, just smaller and in much worse shape. The city was built in the early 19th century, however suffered a lot of damage during the Viet Nam War. It was sad to see yet another example of the damage the war did. It makes me wonder how many precious historical sites are being lost every year because of pointless wars. It is even more disheartening that there is no sense of responsibility from the international community that these sites should be restored. The countries who are donating to help fix the Imperial City had nothing to do with the destruction. The internal compound of the palace which would have been the emperor’s private grounds was leveled and there was nothing left to see.
The moat outside the Imperial City.
Caitlin next to one of the many carved pillars.
The overhang and the pillars. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside.
One of the numerous doorways leading to a new courtyard.
I assume this was the imperial design as it was all over the place. It is mosaic inlayed with broken china.
Mandatory foot shot.
Having fun with the doorway shots.
Rebuilt doors.
The juxtaposition of the palace as it currently stands. The construction workers area.
Sara reading about the past.
Gail having fun in the rain.
Caitlin getting into the act.
The gate as we left the palace.
Bicycle taxis.
After we walked around the compound we headed back to the hotel for a break and a chance to dry off before heading out to dinner. At dinner we ordered a variety of dishes (sweet and sour tofu, yellow curry, caramel sesame chicken, green mango salad, pineapple pork, garlic ginger eggplant) and shared so that we all had a chance to try a variety of things. Delicious!

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