Tidbit of the Day: Pollution=No outdoor activities.

While I still have more pictures to post, I figure I’d post about Seoul the last couple of days. For the last few days we have not been able to send kids out to recess or have soccer practice outside because of high pollution levels. This is something new this year, in past years we would have yellow dust days periodically, but it would usually be no more than one at a time. The yellow dust I refer to is sand coming off of the Gobi desert. I am not sure how dangerous this is in its natural state, or if it has only become a hazard in recent years because of pollution that it collects as it blows across China. But this year has been different with the contaminates hitting higher levels. Some of this is being blamed on China, some on Korea itself for using coal burning plants, since some of its nuclear power plants were deemed unsafe. Apparently there had been payoffs of the inspectors. Regardless I haven’t gotten a straight answer, but I can tell you it is gross. A fellow teacher and I were talking about how it feels like we are living in a Sci-Fi world. Unfortunately it isn’t and the kids have to hope for clear air days so they can go out and play.
While the pollution levels are not as high as in China were our friends are trying to hold their breath, and I don’t feel the gross feeling in my throat or the black snot from our trip to China last year. I have noticed a feeling like I am getting sick but it isn’t actually making me sick, it has not been pleasant and has made me wonder when will it stop? Not in terms of this round of pollution but rather when are people going to start making strides to shift things in the other direction. But until then I’ll be hoping for clean air days.

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