Ndutu Safari Lodge

Genet just chilling.

Most of the posts about Africa so far have been on the day game drives and checking out the wildlife. This post is going to be more about the lodging. As we moved every day, we stayed in a different hotel almost every night and every hotel had something that made it unique.
Tarangire had an amazing view from the porch of the lodge and indoor plumbing in the tents
The crater lodge had a stunning view looking out over the crater from the rooms
The Ndutu lodge felt far more in the midst of the wilderness than the first two (and it also happened to have the best food).  The rooms were separate little cabins and once again we had to be walked to our cabin by a staff member and there were signs all over telling us not to wander away. The pictures in this post will give you an idea of the number of animals that felt right at home in the lodges. By the way, this doesn’t even start to mention the number of bugs. Its not everyday that you have to dodge massive beetles and rhino beetles that are walking through the reception or bar.

Hanging out around the fire pit, a dik dik walked right up.

The animals got really close to the lodge in Ndutu.  The manager mentioned that the elephants would frequently lift the cover off the water drainage pipes and drink the gray water. The manager was annoyed because they pile rocks on top of the cover to try to prevent it from happening (which would take a while) and then the elephants would move them in just a few seconds.

A genet that would wonder into the lodge.

The lodge staff told us that they think this genet has a next in the roof/ceiling.  It came down into the dining/bar area before dinner to check out the guests.

Our cabin.
The view from the porch. Not a whole lot separating you from the wildlife. Just a sign that says don’t go beyond this point.
Lovebirds that hung out around the a little water hole in front of the lodge.

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