Rwanda: Dance Performance

The evening after our first day with the gorillas we were treated with a show by a group of kids who came to our hotel. Our hotel was at the base of Volcanoes national Park and provided an excellent backdrop for the show. The kids put on a great show and seemed to enjoy performing. The boys outfits provided some excellent chances for pictures. The boys danced first while the girls sang and a man played a drum. After which the boys sang while the girls danced.

The boys jumped, spun and flipped their heads to get the wig to fly all different directions.
They also had bells on their ankles that shook with all their movements.
The intensity of the performance was impressive.
The stage they performed on.
They would stomp their feet as they walked to rattle the castanets.
The ladies performing in pairs.
Part of the dance routine.
Impecable balance.
Keeping the beat and singing.
The ladies performing a dance with baskets on their heads.
The baskets seemed to stay perfectly in place.
At the end they performed a dance with a spear and shield.
They tried to get me to perform it as well, I was quite lost.
Posing for the shot. This kid cracked me up.
Caitlin enjoyed taking picture and laughing as I tried to keep up.
The view from our hotel.

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