Shibuya Booyah!!! Date Night!!!

Contrary to what the first two blogposts might lead you to believe, this weekend trip was all about Caitlin finishing her masters. So here is a big Wooohoooo!!!!! For her finishing her masters. To make the trip extra special we had date night in Shibuya, a neighborhood of Japan famous for the road crossing.
We headed out to Shibuya and checked out the road crossing which was cool but lacked some of the chaos that Hanoi has. It seemed far too orderly with the traffic stopping so that people could cross every which way. From here we headed up to a fancy hotel to have a drink and take in the skyline of Tokyo. After hanging out there we headed down into the neighborhood for some food at a yakitori restaurant. The Japanese equivalent of meat on a stick served up with beer. The juxtaposition was a little odd but made for the best of both worlds. Following dinner we headed to an arcade to check out the random games. The games were crazy but nearly as crazy as some of the people inside playing the games with an intensity I can never recall having when playing video games. One woman brought in gloves specifically to play one game. The night overall was amazing but more amazing was the company.
The whole evening made me do a double take with the life I have been fortunate to experience so far. The evening in Shibuya made me realize how lucky I am to have married Caitlin. The night was a perfect way to capture the many ways Caitlin is awesome. We went from the sleek and elegant to what seemed like an afterwork joint and had as much in fun in both.. Too frequently the small mundane aspects of life get me grumpy or distract me and I don’t realize how lucky I am. 

People crossing the street, from above..

And more people crossing the street. 
The view from the fancy restaurant.

Looking at it from another direction. Made me think of lost in translation.
My beautiful wife, eating bacon wrapped asparagus.

Bacon wrapped asparagus.

One of the many people in the arcade that were way more hardcore than I have ever been at video games.

Whats date night without trying to win a giant sword from a machine.

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