Grand Palace

While traveling this past winter break we had a couple of days in Bangkok to explore. As we hadn’t spent much time in Bangkok on our other trips through Thailand we thought we would take in a few of the sites. One of our stops was the Grand Palace.
As Thailand has a king there must be a palace of some sort. The palace was built in 1782 and was originally the official residence of the royal family. The royal family no longer resides in the palace and only uses it for ceremonies. They have also opened parts of it for tourism. So we took advantage of our time in Bangkok to tour the palace. Little did we know that we were going to need to borrow pants and a skirt as we had dressed for the hot weather but not appropriately for the palace. 
After waiting in a line to get some scrub like pants and a skirt we began to explore the palace. We wandered through and took in the gold covered temples and statues. Between the gold paint and the semiprecious stones it was an impressive sight to take in. It was so over the top that it seemed to work. I’ll let the pictures show you our tour through the palace. We didn’t spend a ton of time touring through because of the heat and the large numbers of tourists. It was hard to enjoy after having been in Myanmar. We realized we probably should have done it in reverse order.
One of the two guards at one of the gates.

As we first entered.

Upclose look at the inlay.

One of the cooler doors with carvings.

One of the stone statues.

Caitlin in front of one of the stupas. As you can see there were a ton of tourists.

Standing in between the two guards.

I liked the painting on the faces.

These guys were holding up the temple.

One of the flowers on the grounds.

A little bit closer view of the statues.

Caitlin taking a break.

The jade buddha.


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